8 Powerful Marketing Strategies On A $500 Budget

Just because you’re working with a small marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot of bang for your buck. A budget of $500 may seem light, but there are plenty of affordable marketing strategies that can help you acquire the leads and customers you need to start building a respectable revenue stream. Here is a list of various marketing strategies you can implement with only $500.

Blogging Tips for Entrepreneurs

When you’re managing a small business, it can be challenging to create time for blogging. But one of the most effective ways to establish yourself, build brand awareness, and provide…

Building Your Brand’s Story

Who doesn’t love a good story? Even if the product, service, or solution doesn’t align with a specific person, with a story, they might still want to find out what…

How to Create a Brilliant Marketing Message

Every business needs a message that excites a demand for its products, increases brand awareness, and encourages sales. If customers fail to recognize the value in a message, they will…

5 Ways to Start a Conversation at a Networking Event

If you don’t know what to say at a networking event, it can be hard to work up the courage to make connections. Don’t be fooled by the confidence of other professionals; at one point, they had just as much trouble breaking the ice. Arm yourself with a few conversation starters and step into the event, looking for the chance to make a few friends.

How to Work from Home Effectively

It seems like everyone is starting to ditch the traditional office setting and opting instead to work from their own home office. This is mostly due to the advancements we’ve made in technology that allows workers to connect from anywhere in the world. Companies are able to source talent from more than just the employee pool available in their city, as well as cut down office space costs by employing remote teams.