Logo Design Feature: RT Grey Consultants

Client: Richard Grey, owner of RT Grey Consultants

Richard’s company focuses on technology solutions such as troubleshooting, networking, vendor management, cloud computing, remote workspace implementation, and VOIP telephone systems.

Project Details:

RT Grey Consultants was in need of a rebrand. While speaking with Richard, he mentioned that a big part of his job is simply calming the user down so they can understand the issue. He was looking for a design and color palette that evoked trust in his abilities. He also mentioned that he tends to think outside the box which helps him solve problems faster. He is available to his clients in person or via email/text/phone. His tagline is “If you spent more than 20 minutes trying to solve the problem, you should have called!”. His logo will be used on printed applications such as business cards and in email correspondence.

Richard has a great sense of humor and excels at his job. He needed a logo to replace his current generic design that better reflected his personality. He did not have any specific imagery or colors that he wanted to incorporate and simply asked us to “get creative”.

From troubleshooting technical difficulties over the phone to designing customized workstations, the chat bubble is a great icon to represent the client/vendor communication that is at the heart of his business. The illuminated power symbol shows the viewer “Hey, this works!”, subconsciously assigning confidence and trust to his brand. I chose a cool color palette to keep things feeling calm. The font is rounded and approachable but still feels modern.  

Three final versions of the logo. Full color and two one color options.

Richard approved the design and we went on to use it as inspiration for his business card. This was a really fun project and a great use of our 19pt Velvet Laminated Business Cards with Spot UV.

Look at how the logo pops off of the black background! It really makes an impact!

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