We reached out to some of our Realtor friends and they gave us their tips to have a successful realtor open house.

Tips for a Successful Open House

If you’re selling a home, there is a good chance that you (if selling by owner) or your realtor will host an open house.  An open house is one of the best ways to showcase the house and property to numerous potential buyers. Open Houses are at a set time and day, allowing anyone to stop by without an appointment. 

20% of realtors say that their sale was a result of an open house.

There are plenty of benefits of hosting an open house and tips on how to make it a successful one. Sure, we all have an idea of what would work, but, why not ask the experts? I reached out to Mindy, Renee, and Chesson and asked them a few questions regarding their realtor open houses.

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Renee Foster
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Chesson Kusterer Seagroves
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Before the Open House, How do you Market It?

Social Media: FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. MLS also offers a feature that allows agents to search for open houses. If I have a listing I make sure to put that information in early in the week so other agents know to bring their clients by to view the property. If I am hosting an open house for another agent, then I typically advertise on social media outlets. Facebook has groups for agents and other groups for the general public that show the property for sale or advertise an open house.

Resource: How to Effectively Use Social Media for Real Estate

Also, place firm signs around the community to direct potential buyers to the home such as For Sale or Open House signs. Day of the open house, I try to put up balloons on those signs or pinwheels to attract buyer attention to the signs.

I market on social media and flyers throughout the neighborhood. Open house signs on the roads are very important to get people driving by and have the time to stop.

I create landing pages that collect people’s email info and run targeted ads through Facebook and Instagram.  I also use Mail Chimp to send out e-blasts. If it’s a brand new listing I might do a “neighbors only” open house first, and handwrite those invitations.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 5.34 million existing homes were sold in 2018. 

A Must for you and Your Open House:

A speaker to play music and a separate sign-in sheet for each individual group that may come through. People tend to not sign in if their information is on the same page as someone else’s. This technique also allows me to get more information than a name, phone, or email to follow up with the attendee by having a few more questions to the sheet such as how did you hear about the open house (so I know if my marketing worked), what they like and dislike about the property, and what they think about the price.

Using a combination of marketing before and the day of the open house. Potential buyers look online to see what open houses are happening. Street signs are a must as well.

Always have good snacks, make it a FUN event! Even if no one shows up, I like to make sure I’m having a good time! (Themes, costumes, and social media live streams are fun!) Oh, and raffles, people like free stuff! A must would be a sign-in sheet that people USE! Or some sort of lead capture app on an iPad, like Spacio.

Make sure you have good snacks, make it fun!

Are There Any Print Products You Use? If So, Please Explain Which Ones?

I have my own template I created in Publisher. I also have some resources that BHHS globally makes available to agents that I can use that will either be able to post directly to social media or I can email to my sphere of influence.

Yes, print products are used at the open house. They would be print photos with descriptions and features of the house.

As far as to print materials, direct mail postcards are awesome! Again, if there’s enough time to customize and mail out prior to the house going active.

Best Times for an Open House?

As far as when to host an open house, I have found that Saturday 1-3 or Sunday 2-4 seem like when the most traffic comes to the property.

Saturday and Sunday are the best for open houses. The best times are 1-3 or 2-4. If there are other open houses in the area, match the open house times.

Sundays are good when it’s not football season. Usually, 2-4 to catch the after lunch after church crowd. During football season, I like Saturday 1-3. Grab people before they’re too tired from Saturday errands! 

When you’re planning your next open house, use the advice listed above from the professionals. 

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There are plenty of benefits of hosting an open house and tips on how to make it a successful one.


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