What is Spot UV Printing?

Those seeking to enhance their business card designs with a distinctive look can choose from a broad range of specialty printing techniques. Due to its versatility, impact, and affordability, Full-Color Spot UV business cards are one of the more popular cards along with our postcards.

Top 5 Print File Mistakes – And How To Prevent Them

You’ve just spent hours, days, or maybe even months creating the perfect design. You send it off to get printed, only when it arrives, the cards do not look like you had intended. As a designer, I know just how upsetting that is.

How to Set Up Mask Files for Printing

Products including special features like Spot UV, Raised Spot UV, Stamped Foil, Inline Foil, or White Ink all require for the feature layer to be set up as a mask file. When placing…

Template Tutorial – How to Use Our Print Templates

The most important part about following a design template is receiving your “BLT.” Sorry, there’s no yummy goodness on this BLT; it’s just Bleed, Live, and Trim. These are the three distinct measurements that are very important to ensure your printed piece will turn out as intended when using our print templates.