Graphic design continues to evolve year-to-year. To stay up-to-date, our in-house graphic designers will share the latest design trends, tips, resources and news to keep you in the know.

Creative Sites that Inspire Our Team

Get Inspired by these Design Sites

To inspire means to give someone the craving or capability to do or feel something, something creative. Below are four sites that inspire our creative team. Check them out and get inspired! Tweet @Primoprint your favorite sites to draw inspiration from using the hashtag #GetInspired. Juxtapoz offers a huge variety of articles highlighting artists across […]

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Spring 2017 Color Trends and Combinations

Gone are the days where the color black rules the world. For many years, black was considered a color of power, and white was a color of tradition. But according to Pantone and recent color trends, the power lies in color – bright, get-me-noticed color. Every year, Pantone takes a look at what is going […]

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How to Design an Effective Postcard

Postcards are a great way to grab attention and promote your business, product or services. Creating a strong postcard is key to successfully attracting interest and new customers. It can be challenging to design one. Postcard Design Tips Keep Your Audience in Mind It is important to remember your target audience when creating the design. […]

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