Google Customer Reviews for Primo Print

Google Customer Reviews: Why It’s Safe to Shop at Primoprint

The convenience of online shopping has caused a substantial shift from retail shopping to e-commerce over the past few years. According to a 2016 Fortune article, “consumers are now buying more things online than in stores.”

According to the poll, shoppers now make 51% of their purchases online, an uptick from the 48% percent in 2015 and 47% in 2014.

Although shopping in the online marketplace is becoming the norm, there can still be some hesitation in hitting the “Buy Now” or “Submit Order” button. At Primoprint, we take pride in offering a secure shopping experience and dedicated to ensuring every product printed is high quality and exceeds your expectations.

However, programs such as the Google Customer Reviews program work to assuage any fears or doubts that customers may have when purchasing services or goods online and instills confidence that the company will provide exceptional customer service and a quality product.

We partnered with Google as one of its Google Trusted Stores in 2015. Now, called Google Customer Reviews, the program assists shoppers with identifying online merchants that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting our website, shoppers will see a Google Customer Reviews badge displaying the current Star Ranking and can click on it to read customers reviews.

Primoprint Google Customer Reviews: Trusted Brands that Trust Primoprint

How it Works

Customers who have purchased now have the option to receive an email which requests feedback from Google about their experience they had with the store. The optional Google Customer Review is a brief questionnaire where they rate their online purchasing experience with us.

Through this program, customers can be confident that their printed product and overall experience will exceed their expectations, and that we can attract new customers and differentiate ourselves by showing off our excellent service via the badge on our website. With over hundreds of reviews and a 4.9/5 rating, we are sure to impress.

About Us: Since our inception in 2006, we continue our dedication to ensuring every product we print exceeds our client’s expectations.