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Primoprint Design: Free Wallpapers for Desktops + Mobiles

Did you know that Primoprint has its own dedicated team of graphic designers? Our designers not only can help you create a printed product, but they can also help with logo design and branding. Because they are awesome and you are awesome, we thought it’d be fun each month to share a wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device. It gives a chance for our designers to get creative and show off their unique personalities and styles.

Employee Spotlight: Meet Steve

At Primoprint, it’s the premium and affordable products that customers know, but it’s the fantastic people that make us, well, us! Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting one of our…

Tips to Create a Great Logo Design

A company’s logo is the most important visual representation you can offer customers. The logo can begin to establish trust in your company and allow customers to recognize you each time they come in contact with your product or service. The more a customer sees you, the more likely they are to give you a try.

Why Primoprint? Variety of Card Stocks Options

Sure, there are a lot of printing companies out there, whether online or around your city. So how do you decide which company to print with? The cheapest? Fastest? A…

Hero Card Design Feature: Miracle Racing

Project: Racing Hero Cards & Sticker Design for Miracle Motorsports. Designer: Brooke Racing Background: Kellena came to us in need of Hero Cards for her two children Zack and Maddie…