10 Common Business Card Design Mistakes to Avoid

Your business card is an extension of you and your brand. It’s often overlooked, but they have an essential job to do, and your business card design is what helps…

Client Feature: Freehand Artist John DiBiase

At Primoprint, we have the privilege of working with some incredibly talented and inspiring clients. Today on the blog, we caught up with John DiBiase, an exceptional freehand artist, to…

Affinity Designer: How to Create and Export Print-Ready Vector Files

Serif’s Affinity Designer has been increasing in popularity over the last couple of years. The main appeal is that the program is a viable alternative to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. One significant advantage that Affinity Designer has over Photoshop is that you can export vector files for sharp images.

Affinity Designer’s fixed price means that anyone wanting to create designs for print will be able to do so without having to pay a monthly subscription. 

Design Feature: JeraLyn Wilcox Interior Design

Our graphic designer Kelly created a vector version of their logo, custom-designed business cards, greeting cards, and envelopes. Background JeraLyn is an interior design student and needed a few things…

How to Outline Your Fonts for Print

Why do you need to outline your fonts? Before sending files to print, it is important to convert all fonts to outlines. Outlining fonts in your files will ensure that the font’s appearance is preserved when your files are sent to print as it converts the font into artwork.