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How to Write the Perfect Real Estate Agent Bio

Half of all home buyers find their homes on the internet, yet the percentage of real estate agents with websites remains quite small, according to the National Association of Realtors….

How Realtors can Benefit from Using EDDM® Postcards

We’re all looking for some proven method to promote our business and products. Real Estate agents are quickly finding out that Every Door Direct Mail® is not only an excellent marketing tool, it is also the smartest way to go. Mailing services such as this one can get your information in front of potential buyers.

7 Tips on How to Design a Brochure

Businesses, large and small, have used brochures to illustrate products and services for over a century. Even with the increase of technology, and the ease of relaying information, printed brochures still stand as a highly effective marketing tool. Printing brochures are a great way to give potential customers something they can physically hold and take with them. You can distribute them easily while attending a meeting, conference, trade show or place them on a counter or table.