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How to Develop Your Marketing Strategy

If you want to create a marketing plan for the future that positions your business to be even better than this year, reflect on what has happened so far in the pasr. You’ll be surprised to discover many missed opportunities.

Ask yourself some simple questions to reflect on this year:

13 Creative And Unique Ways To Use Business Cards

You can be incredibly creative in the way you used business cards. You can establish a useful connection with potential customers, clients, and numerous types of businesses. One of the best features of business cards, they are affordable. Plus, they are great to have on hand at all times making them a great marketing tool.

There are many different types of card sizes (Standard, Thin, Square, European, and Folded), fonts, and color schemes available to ensure your business cards reflect you and your business.

Preparing to Transition from College to the Workforce

The transition between college and the workplace can be difficult for even the most well-prepared student. The working world is very different from most college environments, and students must be prepared to take the right steps so the transition will be as painless and successful as possible.

What is Spot UV Printing?

Those seeking to enhance their business card designs with a distinctive look can choose from a broad range of specialty printing techniques. Due to its versatility, impact, and affordability, Full-Color Spot UV business cards are one of the more popular cards along with our postcards.

How to Create Content that Triggers Emotions

For any business to be successful, your copy must fire up your customer’s heart. As the voice for your company, your purpose is to effectively convey a message that draws…

12 Graphic Design Quotes that will Inspire You to Create Great Work

When creative block sets in, many designers turn to motivational quotes from industry leaders for a bit of inspiration. Powerful phrases that have become mantras for the entire industry of design. We’ve selected twelve graphic design quotes to share from true visionaries to help you get out of your creative funk, and back to creating great work.